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Between Aberteifi (Eng. Cardigan) and Aberystwyth there is a town with colourful houses: Aberaeron. It lies just by the sea, the estuary of the river Aeron. (aber – estuary, hence Aberteifi – the estuary of the Teifi river; Aberystwyth – the estuary of the river Ystwyth)

Aberaeron tide out

The harbour with boats during the low tide.

Aberaeron harbour

Aberaeron is one of the first towns in Wales which were ‘planned.’ It has been developing since 1805. Its founding father was Rev Alban Thomas Jones Gwynne. More or less in the centre of the town there is Sgwar Alban (Alban Square).

Below is a Welsh Cob Stallion monument sculptured by David Mayer in 2005. The monument has been donated to the town by Aberaeron Festival of Welsh Ponies and Cobs. Once I was even fortunate to have a glance at such a festival. The show is held twice a year in a field in the town centre.

Welsh Cob Stallion Aberaeron

You can cross the bridge over the river Aeron:

Aberaeron bridge over Aeron

A perfect place to relax:

Aberaeron park 1

Below is Aberaeron Town Hall, a building with the original unpainted stone.

Aberaeron Town Hall

Just like most of seaside resorts, Aberaeron has a caravan park:

Aberaeron caravan park

That is the main street as seen from the hill from Aeron Coast Caravan Park:

Aberaeron view from the hill

It is in Aberaeron shops that I used to manage to find the best gifts for my family and friends…

Aberaeron main street

Aberaeron main street 2

Although in South Wales there are many houses painted in such bright colours, but in my opinion Aberaeron takes the lead!

Aberaeron in colour

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