It was going to be a nice (that is: rain-free) weekend, so we decided to  go on a trip to Wales. Since quite a few of my friends just love mountains, we decided to go for Eryri (Eng. Snowdonia), with a view to climb its highest peak: Yr Wyddfa, in English Snowdon.

W drodze do Pen y Pass. Fot.: Elżbieta D.

On a road to Pen y Pass mountain pass. (Photo by Elżbieta D.)

It was the crack of dawn. After long driving, when we finally found a car park, the main point on our agenda was finding a toilet. Everything around was closed, but we noticed some kind of early morning rush in a building nearby.

‘Wait, more North Wales than South Wales speaks Welsh. Surely such a location is bilingual. This language has opened many doors for me. I’ll get us a toilet pass!’ I said proudly.

The astonishment on the face of a woman who answered the door and to whom I spoke Welsh did not left me any doubt that some people living in this particular region do not actually know their native tongue. Nor give toilet passes.

Domostwa przy A4086. (Fot.: Agnieszka B.)

Houses next to A4086. (Photo by Agnieszka B.)

Mountain peaks bathed in the fog, not a ray of sunshine coming through. Perfect weather for climbing 🙂

Snowdon 9

Foggy peaks (Photo by Elżbieta D.)

The path up was long but very easy. That was what we chose, but there are other paths.

Snowdon 2

One of the paths. (Photo by Agnieszka B.)

In a valley right next to Snowdon there are two lakes: Glaslyn (glas – blue, llyn – lake) and Llyn Llydaw (Llydaw – Brittany).

Llyn Llydaw

Llyn Llydaw (Photo by Agnieszka B.)

Llyn Llydaw - copper mne 2

Ruins of the copper mine right next to Llyn Llydaw. (Photos by Agnieszka B.)

We had to climb up a bit, as well. Yr Wyddfa/Snowdon turned up to be a very popular tourist attraction:

In 1869 someone came up with a brilliant idea to build a railway from Llanberis to the top of the mountain. However, it was not until Easter 1896 when Snowdon Mountain Railway had its first trip. Although it was not a very fortunate one, in order to have a ride in SMR today, you need to  book a ticket a long time in advance, especially for holidays.

Snowdon train 2

Rheilffordd yr Wyddfa, that is Snowdon Mountain Railway (Photo by Agnieszka B.)

Snowdon rail

The railway on the summit. (Photos by Agnieszka B.)

We climbed up to the very top. Below is what the lakes look like from the highest peak in Wales:

Llyn Llydaw 3

On the other side of the mountain the clouds were not that  kind. When they lifted for a short spell, that was the reward for the tired climbers (Photos by Agnieszka B.):

Snowdon view 1

Snowdon view 2

Snowdon view 3

We found ourselves at 1,085 m above sea level:

Photo by Agnieszka B.

(Click here to see the 360 degree panoramic view from the summit on the official government website of Snowdonia.)

When we came down, to Llanberis, some of us, still hungry for more astonishing Welsh views, went to see the waterfalls:

Llanberis waterfalls 1

Llanberis waterfall stream (Photo by Agnieszka B.)

Llanberis waterfalls 2

Llanberis waterfalls (Photo by Agnieszka B.)

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  1. piękna wyprawa! zazdroszczę, bo byłem w okolicy już 2 razy i za każdym razem coś wypadło, a to pogoda a to brak czasu..:)

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