Kidwelly Castle

Kidwelly Castle (South Wales) was built in 1106 from earth and timber. It was repeatedly captured by the Welsh and retrieved by the Normans. In 1275 Pain de Chaworth at last rebuilt the castle, changing the original building material into the stone, and Henry of Lancaster added some more extensions. In the early 1420s, that is after Owain Glyndŵr’s uprisings, a gatehouse was added.


Coat of ArmsThere is a black cat in Kidwelly’s Coat of Arms. After the great plague, which did not spare even little Welsh towns, a black cat was the first living creature that appeared in the dead town. When I was visiting the castle, a black cat strolled through the yard. What a coincidence!


Kidwelly 2


The defence wall has remained until this day, discreetly blending into the modern architecture:


A popular nursery rhyme that mentions a Welsh place name, which does not happen often:

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