National Slate Museum

Slate Museum w Llanberis, North Wales. Perhaps I am advertising this place a little by saying: FREE ENTRANCE. It is one of those places in Wales that are really worth seeing, even if there was a fee to pay.Llanberis 2

The history of this place dates back to 1870, and the magic is still in the air.

Llanberis 3

Llanberis 4

A scene from a typical day in the workshop:

A fabulously made character of the workman who is making a form:


We are in Wales, so there are lots of dragons (click on the image to see it more clearly:-)):


And plenty of slates, too:

Llanberis 12

Different size slates have different names: Princesses, Dutchess, Countesses, Wide and Narrow Ladies. In one of the rooms you can watch a demonstration on how slates are split:

Llanberis 14


And a few awesome views at the end:

Slate view 1

Slate view 5

Slate view 6

The slate quarry closed in 1969.

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