On the opposite side of Great Britain, once upon a time a different Celtic tribe settled. A characteristic accent, a characteristic traditional costume. Scotland. Here, even a stormtrooper from Star Wars wears a kilt!

Kilts, kilts everywhere:


Money for charities are collected by, of course, someone dressed as Braveheart:


Edinburgh is a city that attracts turists with its unique atmosphere. Who has been here once, will want to come back whenever possible. Especially that the sense of humour just blows your socks off:

Mons Meg

Edinburgh castle cellars

“Believe it or no… But over 100 SOLDIERS once slept in these dank cellars during a long siege of the castle – many of them PERISHED.”

Calton Hill guide

“Why don’t you…? Smile for the camera and have your photo taken with the National Monument”

You can see Calton Hill from the castle hill:

Carlton Hill from Edinburgh castle

And the whole city with the Scott Monument and the Museum:

Edinburgs and Scott Monument

Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832) was one of the gratest novelists that were born on the Scotland’s soil. For those who do not necessarily know the man: he wrote great novels such as Ivanhoe, Rob Roy or Waverley.

The Scott Monument is over 60m high. If you have strength to climb up 287 stairs, you will be rewarded with this view:

A different ‘view’ from a local bar. Near the ceiling, there is a quote by John Dryden, an English poet from the 17th century:
Dryden's quote

Scotland does not speak Scottish Gaelic. The remains of that beautiful language can be found on a plaque in front of the Parliament:

Scots' Parliament

There is a hill behind it:

Hill behind Parliament

A feast for your eyes in Edinburgh:





And then you reach the world’s end:


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