In a slow motion

One of my first shopping done in Wales. A local supermarket, it was still Sommerfield then. I was standing at the till, a small queue behind me. I didn’t have a lot of stuff, so the cashier scanned them quickly. Too quickly. Hence, I wasn’t sure whether to pack everything into my bag or pay first, by card as I didn’t have enough cash on me… With my mind’s eye I could see the impatient faces of the people behind me, and with my mind’s ear I could hear the scathing remarks… I could feel getting hotter because of my rushing…

Suddenly a cheerful elderly man behind me said:
“No need to rush. Take your time, girl!”

Alarm clock

I was driving my car. The traffic lights changed. I stopped. I could see a woman in a volvo in front of me looking for something in her bag that was on the passenger seat. The lights changed into green and she didn’t notice. Blow the horn? No. I waited patiently, as actually I wasn’t in a hurry, and I’d never witnessed any drivers blowing horns to rush one another.

Everything here is as if in a slow motion…

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