Saxon Garden in Lublin

Summer holidays, so let’s have a short break from Wales and England.

I came back to the land of my fathers and what did I see? Saxon Garden, beautifully reconditioned. The lungs of Lublin in its very centre. Some parts of the Garden are so different from the ones from my childhood memories, but still, renovated, they look very impressive.

Saski 23 crop

Swans were once the main attraction of this garden. In Great Britain, all swans belong to the Queen, and a while ago a story about Eastern European immigrants who were eating them hit the headlines. (Read the Daily Mail article here)

Saski 05 crop 2

The heat was unbearable, but this was how the pigeons were catching the suntan. They’re not scared of humans – I was able to come up pretty close!

Saski 15 crop

The wall with the  big white vase used to be child’s knees height.

Saski 11 crop 2

Saski 10 crop

This solar clock has always been here. A childhood riddle: how to read the time if there’s only one hand? 🙂

Saski 17 crop

This fountain’s wall used to be good several meters high. You had to push yourself really hard to climb onto it!

Saski 16 crop 2

Saski 20 crop 2

Summer holidays in Britain last 6 weeks – from the end of July to the beginning of September, whereas in Poland summer season starts a month earlier.

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