Pontcysyllte aqueduct, a bridge with a river on a river. North Wales.Pontcysyllte 2

The name is often translated as The Bridge that Links, although the name literally meant Cysyllte Bridge due to the fact that it linked Cysyllte town of the Llangollen parish at its southern end, with Trevor at its nothern end.

Pontcysyllte Llangollen

The aqueduct was built in 1795-1805 as a part of the Ellesmere canal. That much time was needed to think the project through, plan it and bring it to life. A very brave project in those times.

Pontcysyllte 3

Institue of Civil Engineers plaque to commemorate 250th anniversary of the birth of Thomas Telford – an engineer responsible for building Pontcysyllte

You can either go by boat or on by foot to get to the other side.

Pontcysyllte 4b For those who like numbers:
the length of the bridge – 307 m
the height of the bridge – 38,4 m
the width of the bridge – 3,4 m
the depth of the bridge –  1,6 m

You can feel the enormous height, as from the tree tops you’re only separated by railings on one side and a water path on the other. The towpath is very narrow (only 1,5m wide) – a short distraction and you might easily fall into the water trying to pass another pedestrian heading towards you with their dog.

Pontcysyllte 4

That’s what the world looks like around the aqueduct – almost a bird’s eye view:

Pontcysyllte 5Pontcysyllte 6

And that’s what you see from down below:

Pontcysyllte 7

Pontcysyllte is the highest and the longest aqueduct in Great Britain, and is inscribed by UNESCO on the World Heritage List. Pontcysyllte 1

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