The geographical capital city of Wales is Cardiff; the cultural one – Aberystwyth. Perhaps because of the beautiful university, perhaps because of the fact that Aberystwyth, unlike Cardiff, is not that ‘anglicised.’

Students here were quite an attraction for me, as their way of study is so different to ours. This is how they learn about China:

An interested audience watched the dance:

Aber (as the Welsh call it in short) is not a place for students only, who can find here a huge library with a copy of every single book published in Wales. Aber has also other nice features:

The promenade:


Narrow streets, characteristic for this country, even in a big city. A town I come from, is several times larger than Aberystwith. When I passed my driving licence in Wales, my Welsh instructor tried to talk me into doing a Pass Plus course to learn to drive in a big city and on a motorway. I said ‘no, thank you’ as I learnt to drive in my home town, where its main streets resemble the motorway in Wales (which, by the way, ends in Carmarthen, South Wales).

IMG_0336 IMG_0347


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