Coffee or tea?

In Great Britain – tea of course. And water. Although perhaps water more often in England than in Wales, but I still wouldn’t give my right arm for it. Children in nurseries are given an option: water or milk. I remember that a typical beverage offered to children was milky tea (which I hated!) when I was in nursery/reception in Poland.

English Gentleman

For a while I shared a house with English, Welsh and Canadian students. One day I set off to work in the morning but was stopped by the front door that wouldn’t unlock. I ran upstairs to get the Canadian student to help me, as I could hear that she was already up. The rest of the girls came downstairs immediately afterwards.

What did the British girls do, as opposed to the Polish and Canadian girls, after phoning for help?

The Pole and the Canadian tried to pick the lock, whereas the British, with a stoic calmness, sat at the kitchen table, sipping their tea.

The best Welsh tea 🙂

Recently in work I was overstressed – the deadline for submitting some documents for funding was fast approaching and I was stuck. I began to panic as it was getting serious so I turned for help to my line manager who, seeing my agitation, said: “I think I know what you need: a nice cup of tea.

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  1. Niczego sobie 🙂

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