Pontarfynach (pont- bridge, ar -on, Mynach – Mynach river), the Bridge over the Mynach river. English name: Devil’s Bridge. Because who the hell has built three bridges, one on top of the other? And near the world’s famous falls? 🙂


As the legend goes, an old woman could not get back her cow that had strayed across the river. A Devil came up to her and said: “I’ll help you, old lady. I’ll build a bridge for you.”

As a means of payment, the Devil wanted to keep the soul of the living creature that would be the first to cross over the bridge. He hoped it would be the old woman. When the bridge was ready, the wise woman threw a piece of bread to the other side and her dog ran after it. The Devils had to be content with the dog, and the old lady got her cow back.

I don’t know whether it really happen, but I know that the first layer of the bridge was built in the 11th century, the middle one in 18th and the third one in 20th.

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  1. superfornir | 25/10/2015 at 18:51 | Reply

    Byłem i polecam wszystkim wybrać się tam. Miejsce ma swój klimat…adekwatny do opisanej legendy 🙂

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