Madurodam – Holland in miniatures

The miniature park in The Hague amazes both children and adults. Every element has been meticulously finished to the last detail. The urban space of Madurodam has been designed by Siebie Jan Bouma, an architect, and it covers barely 18.000 square metres.

madurodam-3It is worth mentioning that Madurodam is not only an amusement park, but it is also a war memorial. George Maduro, a war hero, died in Dachau concentration camp in 1945. To commemorate the memory of their only son, his parents sponsored the miniature city, which was open in 1952. The profits from this venture go towards a charity (supporting students).



Ministry of VROM building in The Hague

In Madurodam you can admire the Netherlands from the bird’s eye view. The models are made to 1:25 scale. The trees, bushes, grass and water are real 🙂 ! The bridges and some vehicles move!


I can say that thanks to Madurodam I have seen the most important Dutch landmarks:

Windmill De Valk in Leiden

Windmill De Valk in Leiden


Peace Palace in Hague

Dordrecht Railway Bridge

Railway Bridge in Dordrecht

Headquaters of Unilever in Rotterdam

Headquaters of Unilever in Rotterdam

Madurodam lets you stroll down the famous Red Light District in Amsterdam:


If you are tired of sightseeing, you may relax in Des Indes hotel in The Hague:


There is a rock concert for music fans:


A football match for football fans:


The figurines made the biggest impression on me:



Whether by plane, by ship, by train or by car – it is worth coming here for miniatures that please the eye!madurodam-means-of-transport

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