Pembroke Castle

Pembroke Castle (South Wales) is known mainly for being the birthplace of Henry VII Tudor (1457). Very well preserved, the castle dates back to the Norman times (1093). During its long history it resisted many attacks, that of the Welsh people as well.

Pembroke castle 2b

Inside the castle there are models from various periods of its existence showing how it changed together with its surrounding. I love such models so I am going to share some photos with them:

Pembroke castle 3a

From a close distance they look even better:

Pembroke castle 7

Pembroke castle 6

Pembroke castle 5

One of Tudors had been born here, so someone came up with an idea to make an exhibition with a collection of dolls depicting the Tudor monarchs. The dolls belonged to an Ena Taylor.

Pembroke castle tudor doll 2

Pembroke castle tudor dolls

And for those of you who prefer the real thing – notice the flag (!):

Pembroke castle pic 1

Before my camera broke on one of those towers, I managed to shoot a short movie:

Pembroke castle view

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