This call may be recorded

Phone booth

Question: How do you make deal with things on British Isles?
Answer: By phone.

A phone conversation, a form to fill in picked up directly or available online, then the final decision or contract letter comes though the post. The direct contact with the customer is reduced to minimum. That’s how you make arrangements connected with, say, becoming a British citizen or applying for a passport. (In case of the latter, the officials didn’t see me until the citizenship ceremony).

Once I phoned my internet supplier. For a few months I had been having problems with logging into my internet account on their website. My friends had been complaining about a similar difficulty.

“I’ve been having problems logging in.”
“Could you please give me your telephone number, address, post code, password…”
I gave them.
“Right. We’re working at it at the moment. It should be fixed in 2.5 hours. Please phone back if you’re still having trouble with it.”

I was sure they wouldn’t fix in 2.5 hours something they’d been working on for months, but I kept it to myself. I phoned after 2.5 hours as I still couldn’t log in. Of course, a different random adviser who never heard of the first one answered.

And this line, every time, wherever you call, before a person at the other end picks up the phone, “This call may be recorded…”

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