Customer – always, right?

I went into my bank after not being there for quite some time, and there was no cashiers windows. There were three stands, at random places. They resembled tall pub tables, the ones without chairs so that you stand near them instead of sitting at them. They had computer screens placed on them, so I was sure I was at the right place. At one of the tables a customer was being served by a bank assistant. I wanted to say “a cashier” but it wouldn’t make sense.

The decoration inside the bank looked like taken straight from a sci-fi movie. Stern, white walls, to which the backs of some machines were attached: a cheque machine, a cash-in machine, a cash-out machine, money-counting machine… Another tall table right in the middle, where the “traffic directors” were standing (not sure whether you call them that, but it seemed that they were directing the traffic in the bank).

I did some shopping in a supermarket on the way back. There are tills there, fortunately, but also without the cashiers. You have to scan the goods yourself, put them into a bag, pay with cash or by card and take a receipt. When you buy alcohol, you still need to wait for someone to confirm your age and to authorise the purchase.


I was passing by the library on the way so I thought I’d return the book. I came up to the computer, pressed the proper icons on the touch-screen, scanned the book. A note appeared: “Would you like to pay the fine now or later?” Until I’d paid, I wouldn’t be able to borrow anything. I inserted some coins into the hole in the desk. A change comes out through another hole. There was no librarian so I couldn’t share my opinion about what I’d read.

Where to find a customer service assistant? You need to phone them. Need a pay monthly smartphone? Or the internet at home? Phone and talk to the advisor. I once phoned a company based in Wales to insure my car. Obviously, a very nice phone conversation, as I was a new client who hadn’t made any complaints yet. Call CentreBefore I put the phone down, I asked:
“What’s the weather like down there in Swansea?”
“I don’t know. It’s pretty hot here in India.”

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  1. Janette Mills | 11/04/2016 at 11:59 | Reply

    I love your writings about life Kasia, xx

  2. Aww, thank you Janette xx

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