Still on the same holiday note: the Netherlands. The architecture of hotels there, especially at the seaside, is very often state of the art. Anything to encourage tourists to come.

What catches attention straight away is the size of some of them:

Amsterdam. Amrath Hotel.

Noordwijk 1a

Noordwijk. Huis ter Duin.

Once I went for a walk around Noordwijk, as I wanted to take some photos of that interesting town. It ended up as a photo session of… the hotels!

Noordwijk 10a

Noordwijk. Hotels overlooking the sea.

Noordwijk 2


Noordwijk 9a


Not every hotel in this fairly small country is that huge. Tourists, who are not megalomaniac, may choose something more cosy:


Zaanse Schans. Restaurant Hotel Sans Pareil.

Noordwijk 7a

Noordwijk. De Laiterie.

Unfortunately, I had not been inside any of those hotels, but I really liked the finishing touches outside:


When I asked someone about the age of those building, they said that after so many years the owners had to either do them up or demolish them and re-build them. I do not know how much truth is in it, but there always is a grain. Perhaps the Dutch are not too sentimental when it comes to buildings.

To finish off, two hotels in Amsterdam, where old meets new:

Hotel Rembrandt.

Hotel Rembrandt.

Hotel Movenpick.

Hotel Movenpick.

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