Zaanse Schans

Summer holidays are round the corner. Where to go? I used to visit the Netherlands very often, so I have a soft spot for this place. A very interesting country, both as far as the architecture is concerned and the national mentality. One of the popular tourist attractions is Zaanse Museum in Zaanse Schans.

Zaanse Schans

The museum is situated not far from Amsterdam. We parked the car in Zaandijk, and then went on foot through the bridge over the river Zaan to Zaanse Schans. When you drive through the bridge you cannot capture the view with your camera 🙂

Zaanse Schans bridge

The Bridge over the river Zaan. The view of Zaandijk.

In 1961 old houses and windmills from the area began to be relocated to Zaanse Schans, and the life of the Dutch from 17th and 18th century can now be re-lived.

Zaanse Schans 4

Zaanse Schans 2

Zaanse Schans 5

Characteristic little houses and bridges over canals or rivers:

Zaanse Schans 6

Zaanse Schans 9

Zaanse Schans 3

Even those very old windmills, which have been time-bitten:

Zaanse Schans 7

Zaanse Schans has several buildings which are actually museums: The Weavers House, the Cooperage, The Jisper House, Zaan Time Museum, Albert Heijn Museumshop and Bakery Museum.

Zaanse Schans Bakery

There are also animals here, which do not want to be fed:

Zaanse Schans animals

Cats, used to tourists, do not pay any attention to anyone:

Zaanse Schans cat

Windmills, windmills, windmills… in every size. We have shown some big ones, now it is turn for the small ones:

Zaanse Schans 10

Apart from the omnipresent Dutch clogs, I have found Pinocchio 🙂 in a shop window, a beautiful statue in a garden and… a skeleton!

Zaanse Schans trio

Zaanse Schans is one of the sites of the  European Route of Industrial Heritage.

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