Permanent residence in the UK

As the referendum regarding regarding the British exit from the European Union is fast approaching (23rd June 2016), many Polish people who associate their future with GB start to think about making sure they will not be forced to leave this country. Since not everyone knows where to begin, I have decided that I will help a bit and explain.


What is the quickest and best solution? You do not have to apply for the British citizenship straight away to make sure that after Britain leaving EU you will have the right to live and work there legally. It is enough to do this:

Residency application

The EEA(PR) form is for those who apply for a document certifying permanent residence (for EEA nationals) or permanent residence card (for non-EEA nationals). You may download it directly from the government website (link here) or by clicking here.

Once completed, it should be sent to this address:

Home Office
EEA applications
PO Box 590
Durham DH99 1AD

Before proceeding to complete the application form, it is good to become familiar with the guidance notes, link here.

Some required documents (depending on an individual application):
– 2 passport photographs (signed at the back)
– passport or national ID card
– biometric residence permit or card (BRP) (only for non-EEA nationals!)
– birth certificate
– marriage certificate
– driving licence
– document certifying the name change
– documenty certifying that you have lived and worked in the UK in the last 5 years (unless you have previously applied for a resident card). The more documents the better: P60, letters from employers, tenancy agreements, etc etc.

The cost of this application is £65 for each person included in the application.


According to what the UK government’s official website states, a person from outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) may apply for it. It allows to more freely leave and re-enter Britain, and it confirms that  you are allowed to work here and it is helpful when applying for certain benefits and services. (Link to this website: here)

The card is valid up to 5 years. The cost is £65.

After 5 years, during which it is important that you have lived and worked in Great Britain, you may apply for a permanent residence cards.


Permanent residence card actually also concerns only citizens of the countries from outside the EEA. They may apply for this card (completing the EEA(PR) form), if they have lived in Britain for at least 5 years. (Link: here).


For nationals within the EEA there is a document certifying permanent residence that they may apply for.

Read also: How to fill in EEA(PR) – part 1, part 2 and part 3 to find out exactly how to fill in the EEA(PR) form, what details are necessary to complete particular sections and which parts of this form concern Polish people applying for the permanent residence. 

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14 Comments on "Permanent residence in the UK"

  1. edileusa sousa | 25/10/2016 at 01:44 | Reply

    my name and Edileusa of sousa reis my husband send my application and until now not received confirmation letter have children my responsibilities have a passport do not understand this home office not the progress in the process already in one month Home office EEA Applications PO BOX 590 DURHAM DH99 1AD

    • Dear Edileusa. It takes at least 6 weeks for the Home Office to send a confirmation letter. At the moment, they are receiving a lot of applications, so it might take a long time. They will surely process your application (you’ve sent it to the correct address). They say it may take up to 6 months for them to do it. Some people prefer to do it online. If you need your passport to be returned earlier, you will need to contact them.
      Kind regards.

  2. zapomnialam dolaczyc koperte zwrotna co powinnam zrobic?Minelo 5 mcy od zlozenia mojej aplikacji???

  3. I would like my application but If I need quick as possible back my passports could I can send them envelope with stamps ? That’s could work?

  4. Witam czy p60 musi byc oryginalne czy mogę dostarczyc kopie?

  5. Witam,

    Mam pytanie odnosnie pierwszego przyjazdu do UK, pierwszy raz przyjechalam na tydzien w odwiedziny do kolezanki w Grudniu,kolejna wizyta byla w czerwcu na 3 miesiace kiedy podjelam pierwsza prace.

    W formularzu pytaja o date pierwszego przyjazdu takze rozumiem ,ze powinna to byc data przyjazdu z Grudnia tak?

    Z gory dziekuje za wskazowki.

    • Pani Soniu. Radzimy wpisać datę przyjazdu do UK z zamiarem osiedlenia się i pracy, a nie wizyt krajoznawczych, bo mogą pomyśleć, że skoro tyle Pani tu siedziała bez pracy, to pewnie gdzieś na “czarno” się pracowało 😉 Pozdrawiamy serdecznie.

  6. Samir daniel covaciu | 31/03/2017 at 10:36 | Reply

    I sent the papers on 17.02.2017 ,for permanent residence, and I was not sent Romanian identity card back, and I really need them because in April I have to go on holiday in Romania,I do not realize why it takes so long to send my ID card back.

    • Hello Samir. It usually takes them 6-8 weeks to deal with an application, sometimes even longer. You may phone them, email them or write a letter to them, quoting the reference number, and ask Home Office to return your ID card as soon as possible. They will do it for you, don’t worry. Regards.

  7. J Jorritsma | 13/06/2017 at 12:42 | Reply

    Hi there

    We sent my wifes documents to home office. its been 8 weeks and not heard anything from them yet. i have phoned them but no answer to any of the numbers.i dont have a ref. number but have checked and the parcel has been received and singed for. i just want to know that they received it.


  8. Witam
    Mam na imię Mariusz Szylakowski.
    Wysłałem applikację do home office dn.27/06/2017.Wiem,że dokumenty byl już w home office następnego dnia. Wiem że proces trwa ok 6m-cy. Mam tylko prośbę o odesłanie naszych paszpotów, ponieważ w niedługim czasie wyjeżdżamy z rodziną na wakację. Dziękuję i pozdrawiam

  9. Dziekuje za rzetelna pomoc. Wlasnie otrzymalam dokumenty I caly proces trwal tylko 2 miesiace mam tylko pytanie, czy moge juz zaczac starac sie o paszport czy musze czekac 12 miesiecy? Na zalaczonym liscie bylo napisane “date you acquired permanent residence status 28 January 2014”

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