Llansteffan Castle

An inconspicuous castle in the South of Wales, on the headland above the Tywi estuary. You have to leave your car at a nearby car park and the castle is within a walking distance. You can see it from afar.

Llansteffan 2

Actually, Llansteffan Castle never played any significant role in the Welsh history: was never the greatest of Welsh castles, and never witnessed any important historical events.

Llansteffan ksiazka

Reprint from: Wales. Castles and Historic Places, published by Welsh Tourist Board and CADW.

Nevertheless, it deserves attention because it bears traces of an Iron Age fortification, which dates back to the 6th century BC. Anglo-Normans rebuilt and modified it in the early 12th century, making a castle of earth and timber in a ring-like construction. For three centuries the castle was gradually improved.

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Despite the fact that until 15th century the castle kept changing its owners, it eventually fell into ruins.

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