Bolton Priory

On our way back from York, as we chose a more scenic route, we came across Bolton Priory. In the light of the setting sun the remains of the priory looked very impressive.

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In 1155 Alice de Rumilly gave the Black Canons of the Order of St. Augustine a secluded site in Bolton, where they led a quiet life until the Dissolution of their order by Henry VIII in 1539,

Bolton Priory 5

Bolton Priory 6

There were barns, granges and orchards. on the site. They even had their own mill and bakehouse, tannery and brewhouse, which gave them a kind of financial independence.

Now and then

The priory today and the priory before dissolution

Although after 1539 the order could still function as a parish church, with time its particular parts and surrounding buildings deteriorated and the whole place fell into ruin.


Bolton Priory 4

It is a perfect spot for a picnic, as it seems that the whole area is cut off from the world.

Bolton Priory 2 b

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