Calton Hill

Snow or rain behind the window, so my thoughts go back to beautiful views that make my heart warm. Scotland. Edinburgh and Calton Hill.

Carlton Hill map

Calton Hill map

The hill was formed over 340 milion years ago after volcanic activity. Its earliest history remains unknown. What is known is that in the 1400s there were medieval tournaments and festivals organised there, and later on, in the 1600s – executions.

National Monument and Portuguese Cannon

National Monument as seen from the back

National Monument as seen from the back

The monuments and buildings which you can see now on Calton Hill were erected between 1760 and 1820, which is the period of the Scottish Enlightenment.

Dugald Stewart Monument

Dugald Stewart Monument

Nelson Monument has 143 steps and allows you to see Edinburgh at 360 degrees:

Carlton Hill

Nelson Monument (Photo by Elżbieta D.)

Unfortunately, I did not go upstairs, but from the ground, walking Hume Walk, you can see the panoramic view of Edinburgh, too!

Carlton Hill 4

Carlton Hill 6

If you have a good look, you can spot very interesting places:

Carlton Hill 5

Carlton Hill 3

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

I will tell you more about Edinburgh castle some other time… 🙂

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