Snow (Eira)

Finally we have a proper winter in Poland. Lots of snow! Words like Mae hi’n bwrw eira (it is snowing) – you hear  very seldom uttered in Wales. But when you do hear them, it usually means panic and general holdup. Because of the landscape, it is very difficult, it not impossible, to drive up the hill in a car with normal tyres (it is not a common practice to change them for winter ones).

Lampeter, Wales

Lampeter, South Wales.

Once I wanted to spend some time with my brother living in Holland. Throughout my stay in Wales, it would snow only 2 days in a year on average. Obviously, it was snowing on the day when I was going to fly from Cardiff to Amsterdam. Due to the snow and hazardous driving conditions, buses would not go beyond Carmarthen. I did not fly that day. The school I worked in was closed every time there was snow, as it was too dangerous for the school buses to go on slippery roads. What a joy for kids! And what a joy for the school staff! 🙂

Lublin Marianska 2

Lublin, Poland.

We, Polish people, are not afraid of winter. Although every year it may “surprise” our council, it is not a shock to us. One of my Welsh friends was on his way home during a snowy weather, and then he told me:
“I was driving back home. Down the hill, a windy road. A few cars in front of me, we were all doing no more than 5mph/h. Then a skoda passed next to us, doing at least 20mph/h, with some people inside. They were all waving and smiling. Must have been Poles with their winter tyres, clever clogs! 🙂

Lublin, Poland

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