Caerfyrddin (Eng. Carmarthen) – one of the oldest towns in Wales, if not the oldest one. It is situated on the river Tywi (Eng. Towy), in the southern part of the country. The population is over 15,000 (the same as in, for example, Grójec in Poland), so it is quite a size for Wales, where you have only little villages around.

Carmarthen 2

I really enjoyed shopping there. There were buses every hour running between Carmarthen and the town I used to live, so it was pretty easy to get there.

Carmarthen has its own castle (or what remained of it), old churches and interesting monuments:

Carmarthen 3

Carmarthen castle

Carmarthen 4

Carmarthen 7

Carmarthen 6

Tired of the bustle in the town centre, I liked going for a walk in less busy streets.

All towns and villages in Wales are so squeaky clean that they are pleasing to the eye 🙂

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