St Fagan’s Castle

St Fagan’s Castle is not actually a castle. What is left from the original medieval castle is only a fragment of the wall surrounding it. The castle fell into ruin and by the 15th century there was hardly anything to save. At the end of the 16th century, on the site of that castle, a local lawyer built a house that we can see now.

A drawing of the house

The additional parts were added throughout the 19th century. In 1947 the Earl of Plymouth donated the house together with 100 acres of ground to the National Museum of Wales, and thus he contributed to the creation of the museum.

The house looks quite modern on the outside, and thus it might not have the ‘wow’ factor, but the garden is a real feast for nature lovers.

St Fagan's backyard

The view of the house from the back garden

St Fagan's castle cistern

Lead cistern. (Photo by Karolina R.)

The photos of the garden do not need any comment:

St Fagan's garden 1

St Fagan's fountain

St Fagan's garden 2

St Fagan's gate

There are more secluded spots, as well:

St Fagan's garden 4

Photo by Karolina R.

St Fagan's garden 5

Photo by Karolina R.

St Fagan's garden 7

Photo by Karolina R.

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Featured image by Karolina R.

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