St Fagan’s Museum

St. Fagan’s National History Museum near Cardiff. It shows you around from the beginning of Celtic settlements to more modern times. Incredible journey through history, illustrated with original relics, fruit of the earth and even animals. It is best to go there when the weather is fine, as it is an open air museum.

Iron Age houses

I went to St. Fagan’s with my friends. We were lucky it did not rain, we could walk the paths having a look into every nook and cranny. And there are plenty of those!

St Fagan's 4

St Fagan's

It was there that I found out that two chimneys was a sign of wealthier owners:

St Fagans Cardiff

Y Garreg Fawr farmhouse

Also, the old white houses are cosy, although very small and dark inside:


Nant Wallter cottage

The houses are different inside, depending on the times they were built, but there is always a hearth in the centre of the family life:

St Fagans hearth


Photo by Agnieszka B.

You can buy fresh bakery products on the site:



Yet you cannot post a letter from this post office any more:


Photo by Karolina R.

The old photography studio does not take pictures any more. Pity!


The photo studio is in a building just next to Gwalia Stores:

Gwalia Stores

Rhyd-y-Car cottages follow:


You may also find an old southgate tollhouse from Aberystwyth:

South gate tollhouse

As we are near white walls, it is worth mentioning the white exterior of St. Teilo’s Church:

St Teilo's Church

The church is very colourful inside:

St Teilo's inside

The school comes from Maestir, near Lampeter:

St Fagans School

Photo by Karolina R.

St Fagan's School whole

It is impossible to show and describe it all. We spent the whole day at St. Fagan’s. We ate icecream, drank coffee. We breathed in the history with the air. Bliss…

More about St. Fagan’s next week 🙂

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