Croeso i Gymru

Year 2004. Poland in the European Union!

With a few tens of pounds in my pocket and a few tens of pounds on my back, I am standing at the bus station at Heathrow airport, waiting for a coach to Cardiff. A stranger comes up to me and asks:
“Excuse me, are you Welsh?”

Knowing the English-Welsh relation over there, I hesitate between giving him my adorable smile and smacking him across the face. A complement or rather contempt?

Emigrant w Anglii

Why Wales, not England? Maybe it’s the language (Dwi’n dy garu di – I love you), maybe it’s the sense of humour (Welcome to Wales. Enjoy your stay and go away:-)), maybe the hills, maybe the green grass. Maybe it all together.

And there’s the climate! The natives say:
„Look at the mountains. If the tops are hidden in fog, it means it’s raining. If you can see them clearly, it’s going to rain.”
And it does rain often… horizontally!

Aberaeron, Carmarthenshire (South Wales)

Aberaeron, Ceredigion (South Wales). Diolch, Huw!

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2 Comments on "Croeso i Gymru"

  1. Huw Garan | 24/10/2015 at 17:54 | Reply

    Helo, Kasia, sut wyt ti?

    Un peth bach: mae Aberaeron yng Ngheredigion, nid Sir Gaerfyrddin. Mae Pant-llech (a’r Royal Oak) yn Sir Gaerfyrddin, ond mae Aberaeron yn yr un sir â Llambed. Rwy’n synnu dy fod di wedi anghofio hynny 🙂

  2. Ti’n iawn, Huw! Diolch am hynny, Huw bach. Dylwn i wedi dechrau’r blog ‘ma blynyddau yn ol, pan o’n i yng Nghymru o hyd a chofio popeth! 🙂

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